Wendy’s taps Columbus as self-service kiosk test market

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Fast food chain Wendy’s announced last Friday that 6,000 stores nationwide would receiving self-service kiosks where customers can order their food sans cashier (see below), and today, Columbus became the test market for the new plan.

The kiosks popped up at a Wendy’s on North High Street, where a little extra work for the customer might mean less time waiting in line.

Chains Panera and McDonalds are expected to follow suit with minimum wages on the rise.

Though Wendy’s and other fast food restaurants say the kiosks won’t replace employees, the restaurants’ actions will be more telling than words once kiosks are rolled out nationwide.


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5/13/16: Wage wars: Wendy’s to roll out 6,000 self-service kiosks

You saw them first at the grocery store and soon they’ll be at fast food joints all across the country: self-service kiosks, the cost-cutting devices that disguise extra work for you as convenience.

Central Ohio-based fast food retailer Wendy’s announced this morning that self-service kiosks will be implemented in over 6,000 restaurants.

While some suspect the move might be driven by rising minimum wages, up to $15 an hour in states like California and New York, company president and CFO Todd Penegor said increased customer volume is the main reason for the change.

In fact, Wendy’s is seeing some of its strongest sales in years.

It’s unclear whether the fast food chain will cut jobs when the new kiosks are rolled out.

In addition to self-service kiosks, Wendy’s and other fast food restaurants will be giving customers the option of ordering and paying through mobile apps by the end of the year.


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