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Columbus Expands Surveillance Camera Program

Columbus Expands Surveillance Camera Program

614now Staff

Columbus City Council agreed to expand their crime surveillance camera program up to $720,000 to purchase 27 new cameras, according to ABC6.

The new cameras will be installed in Hilltop, Franklinton, North Columbus near Cleveland Avenue & Morse Rd, and the Far East Side.

Residents of the Far East Side have been asking for the cameras for years, and this year’s success means that they could see less crime in their neighborhood.

The cameras are controlled and operated by the city, which means any crime footage collected is in the city’s control.

Last year, purchase of new cameras was halted when frozen pipelines burst in the Columbus Police Department, and the funding was allocated towards CPD to repair the damage.

As of this year, there are a total of 300 cameras located in 100 different locations around the city, according to ABC6.



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