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Online shooting threats lead to arrests in Columbus

Online shooting threats lead to arrests in Columbus

614now Staff

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that broadcasting yourself flaunting weapons and making threats is a great way to get arrested.

Two Columbus men used livestreaming service Periscope, an app that allows people to broadcast live footage to other users, to make threats and show off powerful rifles, saying that if they got 100 viewers, they would begin randomly shooting in the middle of the street.

A Periscope viewer in South Carolina reported the men to California-based website No Theifs Allowed, who in turn tipped off Columbus police.

20-year-old Yusuf Suliman Conteh and 20-year-old Damon Andew Rosemond are now in the Franklin County Jail on weapons charges.

A word of advice to any copycats: there are better ways to get attention on social media. Try cat pictures–they work wonders.


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