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Two arrested in connection with Girl Scout cookie heist

Two arrested in connection with Girl Scout cookie heist

614now Staff

Yesterday two thieves got their just deserts–no thin mints or tagalongs included.

After one man snatched a cash box containing almost $600 from a troop of Girl Scouts selling cookies and another man drove a getaway vehicle, tips from witnesses and parents led to their arrests.

Russell L. Oehlers, 26, and Jeffrey W. Craig, 31, have been charged with robbery and safecracking felonies, and misdemeanor theft.

Girl Scout Troop 2439 will be outside the same Canal Winchester Wal-Mart this morning selling cookies, and from the sound of it, these arrests will serve as an effective deterrent against any other would-be thieves.


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3/7/16: Pure evil: thief steals money from Girl Scouts selling cookies

Some crimes make you wonder how low some criminals are willing to stoop.

As members of Girl Scout Troop 2439 were closing up shop at a Wal-Mart in Canal Winchester, a man stole nearly $600 and got away.

Come on, man. Robbing the Girl Scouts is a blow straight to the American spirit. It’s like weaponizing apple pie–you just don’t do it.

The troop is raising money to take a trip to Tennessee, and $2000 has since been raised in an online GoFundMe campaign to replace the money that was stolen.


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