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13-Year Old Boy Killed in CPD Police Altercation

13-Year Old Boy Killed in CPD Police Altercation

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[Editor’s note: We have altered the title to this article from “CPD Police Officer Kills 13-Year Old Boy” after a very thoughtful reader pointed out some in-depth reasons why our title was caustic. I agreed with this reader and felt it necessary to change the title in light of this. I appreciate and welcome discourse of any kind, and hope to have continued discussions on the work we publish.]

A thirteen year old boy, Tyree King, has been killed after a robbery, a chase and an officer mistaking his BB gun for a deadly weapon.

According to CPD, there was an armed robbery near S. 18th and E. Capital around 7:45pm on Wednesday. The victim at the scene told the CPD that a group approached him, had weapons and robbed him of his money.

The police located a group that matched the description the victim gave at the scene several blocks away near Hoffman St.

King and another male fled after a confrontation with the police into an alley where King allegedly began to pull a gun, later to be identified by investigators as a BB gun with a laser attachment from his waistband.

According to Police it had the look of a legitimate firearm.

Tyree was shot several times and then taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:22pm. No one else was injured.

The officer involved in the incident is a nine-year veteran and according to NBC4i, will receive mandated psychological counseling.

The male with King was apparently detained and questioned by police but was released without any charges filed against him.

The shooting and robbery are still under investigation. Anyone with information should call the Columbus Police at 614-645-4624.


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