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Mirror Lake Renovation Has Absurd Cost

Mirror Lake Renovation Has Absurd Cost

614now Staff

So Ohio State is renovating Mirror Lake — they’ve been on-and-off about the purpose and the reason for this and they’ve never fully admitted that it was to prevent students from jumping into it for the Michigan game — but with a press release on Friday, it’s looking more and more like that tradition and the renovation are tied together.


Mirror Lake Jump in 2009 (Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Ba2013)

The university leaders last year vowed to end the tradition of lake jumping after a student died during the jump. This has led to some questions if the renovations are a direct answer to that incident.

According to Bizjournals, the renovations for Mirror Lake are looking more like a $6 million upgrade in an effort to make Mirror Lake “look more natural” and will take all of 2017 for an expected completion date of spring 2018.

As far as jumping into the new lake, according to Keith Myers, OSU’s Associate VP of Planning and Real Estate — “There won’t be anything to jump into, the lake is going to be inches deep at the edges, and it’s going to be full of wetland marsh.” Myers told The Lantern last month.

Wetland marsh? Sure! That’s the first thing you think  when someone mentions Ohio State University. How plentiful our wetland marshes are.

This press release came just a few days after a controversial OSU letter was sent to their English Department, letting them know contracts would be terminated due to lack of funding.

What do you think, is Mirror Lake worth a $6 Million wetland marsh upgrade?

Photo via Analogue Kid


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