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Ohio State Ticket Scammer At It Again

Ohio State Ticket Scammer At It Again

614now Staff

When your mother told you not to talk to strangers, it was for good reason.

According to NBC4i, a man posing as Mark Dinardo, tried to sell OSU vs. Michigan State tickets to a woman for $100, with a down payment of $20. After “Dinardo,” actually Martin Alper, didn’t meet the woman again after taking her $20, police got involved and the case was investigated.

Apparently, this guy has a history of ticket scams and ran a similar scam back in 2007, according to NBC4i.

No news yet as to whether that woman is getting her money back, or anyone else who may have gotten scammed. CPD could not be immediately contacted.

Investigators said to NBC4i to contact police at 614-645-2073 if you think you may have been scammed.


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