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OSU Stadium Dedicates an Empty Chair to POW/MIAs

OSU Stadium Dedicates an Empty Chair to POW/MIAs

614now Staff

The military affects the lives of many, many students and buckeye fans everywhere, and now Ohio State has initiated a touching way to remember those that fought for our country but never came back home.

Just in time for the game this Saturday, OSU unveiled a 2-year long project to dedicate an empty seat to POW/MIAs, according to NBC4i.  Placed in the Horseshoe right where the band enters the stadium, this seat will serve not only to the OSU community, but to everyone with a veteran or military member in their family.

Mike Carrell, director of the Office of Military and Veterans’ Services at The Ohio State University, said to NBC4i, “It’s a chair that nobody will ever sit in until the last POW comes home.”

The OSU student who came up with the idea, Brianne Szymanski, said she wanted to find a better way to honor those who have served but never came back.

What do you think about this chair? What does it mean to you? Share with us in the comments.


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