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UPDATE: Stabbing murder suspect was let out of prison early

UPDATE: Stabbing murder suspect was let out of prison early

614now Staff

Update, 01/13/16: The man who allegedly stabbed three people to death was released from federal prison due to a change in sentencing guidelines. His sentence was reduced more than four years, from the 12 1/2-year sentence he was serving.

Had he not been let out due to these altered guidelines pertaining to crack dealer sentencing, his ex-girlfriend and her two young daughters would still be alive.

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Update, 4 p.m.: Around 1:19 a.m. this morning, a fight was reported to police. When they arrived, they found 32-year-old Erveena Hammonds, 10-year-old Anaesia Green and 7-year-old Breya Hammonds with critical injuries.

All three victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Update, 3:30 p.m.: Wendell Louis Callahan has been charged with three counts of murder.

Two children between the ages of six and eight and their mother were stabbed to death in north Columbus this morning, according to police. The suspect, the mother’s ex-boyfriend, was taken to an area hospital after a fight with her current boyfriend.

Police have been investigating the crime at an apartment  on Atlantic Avenue near Busch Boulevard since it was reported shortly before 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

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