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An Ohio Less Ordinary

An Ohio Less Ordinary

Danny Hamen

As the colors of the leaves morph into a singed orange and yellowish hue, the days begin to quicken in pace, brimming with the seemingly inescapable monotony of the daily hustle. This isn’t seasonal depression folks, this is autumn existentialism—a period for deep contemplation, relaxation, and most importantly, a grand pilgrimage away from home.

Well, at least for the weekend.

That’s why we compiled a list of the most scenic, relaxing, and reasonably priced Ohio getaways that you can escape to when you get a case of those fall blues. Bring a couple friends, your significant other, and a bottle of whiskey: it’s time to get therapeutic.


21C Museum Hotel (Cincinnati)

We wouldn’t send you to just any hotel. What we would do is send you to a hotel that doubles as a contemporary art museum. Relax in a modern and lavish hotel room and explore one of the many creative exhibits around the hotel, including the cutting edge Healing Tiles—a custom algorithm that creates a glowing pool of organic patterns in the lobby hallway—or the Lightmail—a shimmering spectrum of color that emanates from the nine-story interior solarium.

Landolls Mohican Castle (Loudonville)

Castle in Ohio? Yeah, it’s real. And it was recently visited and given a shine by everyone’s favorite Scottish bad boy, Gordon Ramsay. Landoll’s Mohican Castle is giant hotel nestled in Amish Country where you can enjoy massages, spas, giant pools, and even late-night ghost hunts. Give yourself that royal treatment—peasant life will be waiting for you when you get back home.


The Inn at Honey Run (Millersburg)

Panoramic countryside views, private cottages, contemporary styles, wood burning fireplaces, and a taste of Amish Country: all great reasons to visit The Inn at Honey Run. If you want a place to cozy up and forget about the tedium of city life—or perhaps get an extra taste of Columbus culture with the Inn’s Open Air art gallery—we recommend a week-long stay.


Gervasi Vinyard (Canton)

You don’t have to be in Cali to get your hands on some top-notch Cab anymore. Gervasi Vineyards boasts a variety of award-winning wines, making them a destination for wine connoisseurs from around the country. More than 30 types of artisan wines are produced exclusively from Gervasi’s six acres. Take a winery tour, prance around the vineyard, and stay in one of their upscale boutiques. Remember, you don’t have to spit out the wine if you don’t want to.

Punderson Manor (Newbury Township)

If you ever secretly wanted to live the lavish life of Mr. Burns, we recommend Punderson Manor (pictured, top)—a cozy English Tudor-style mansion burrowed in the rolling hills of Newbury Township. If you are unable to get a sitter for your screaming offspring, they are offering a seasonal special where kids stay for free. With an 18-Hole Championship Golf Course, indoor heated pools, archery, and much more, this is a getaway suited for the whole family.

Pine Lakes Lodge (Salesville)

Pine Lakes is a place for romance. Their 11,000-square-foot lodge hidden in the forest of Southeastern Ohio makes for a textbook getaway for you and your starry-eyed lover. Whether you stay in the lodge for a unique bed and breakfast or in a rustic secluded cabin, this is an experience that creates memories that last a lifetime—or at least memories you can fantasize about when you are back at the office.


Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls (Logan)

Nothing is more Ohio than the iconic Hocking Hills. And nothing is more atmospheric than a cabin in Hocking Hills. Complete with cabins, cottages, spas, and outdoor Jacuzzi tubs, this hour-and-a-half drive takes you far away from the frustrations of city life. Take a hike, as they say. Well, now is your chance.


The Mohicans Treehouses (Glenmont)

Yeah, they are houses in trees. No joke, you can live like an Ewok for a weekend. Designed by Pete Nelson, treehouse designer and star of Discovery Channel’s hit series, Treehouse Masters, these comfortable and cozy accommodations break from the standard norm of autumn getaways. Just don’t get too sloshed—it’s long way down from this top bunk.

Inn Walden (Aurora)

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” This motto by Henry David Thoreau embodies the mission of the Inn Walden—that simplicity is key to a happy life. Sometimes that is found on the back of a horse, beside a fireplace in a cozy lovers suite, or playing a round of golf on a luxurious course. Simple pleasures create the best memories. Cheers Thoreau, you were a king among men.

The Yurts at Nomad Ridge at TheWilds (Cumberland)

If you didn’t already know, rhinoceros live in Ohio—Cumberland, Ohio to be exact. Now, not only are you able to go on a safari adventure, The Wilds offers luxury yurts for guests 21 and up—a nomadic style structure made of canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Built over bamboo floors and equipped with a private bathroom, these modernized accommodations offer a unique and luxurious way to spend a weekend away.


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