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Man Arrested & Charged in Robbery that Led to Tyre King’s Death

Man Arrested & Charged in Robbery that Led to Tyre King’s Death

614now Staff

CPD have arrested and charged an individual involved in the robbery that led to the CPD shooting and killing of Tyre King, a thirteen year old boy.

Demetrius Emanuel Lee Braxton, 19, was officially charged with one count of Robbery, after his arrest near Lane around 3:30pm on Saturday.

The police involved shooting and killing of Tyre King has been national news and has sparked a monumental amount of discussion and speculation — according to a press release from Saturday the events leading up to and surrounding Tyree King’s death is still under investigation by the Critical Incident Response Team.



Tyre King was killed after a police incident where he allegedly removed a BB gun from his waistband that resembled a gun after allegedly matching the descriptions from a robbery that occurred . An officer opened fire, hitting Tyre King multiple times. When he arrived at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, he was pronounced dead.

A replica of the gun in question has been circulated on the CPD’s twitter account:


The officer involved was a nine-year veteran, Bryan Mason,  and he has been on administrative leave for the last week.

According to The Dispatch Braxton told police “that he was with King when they robbed a man. They left the area, going several blocks before police spotted them. Then they ran. ”

We will update when any new information is released or made known to us.



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