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Brewery District’s Huge Plans for New Townhomes

Brewery District’s Huge Plans for New Townhomes

614now Staff

You know that big, abandoned industrial complex next to the Brewery District Krogers? Yeah, it’s getting demolished and turned into #townhomes.

For those with deep ties to unused industrial buildings, it’s the Praxair Distribution facility at 876 S. Front. These suckers are coming down in August, so keep your eyes peeled for construction and road blocks in the next few weeks.

“They’re brownstone, very similar to Chicago, Philadelphia … you walk up seven steps to the main floor,” Matt Lones, principal of Orange Frog Design Group LLC, the project’s architect, told Evan Weiss of Bizjournals. “It’s a different product the Brewery District doesn’t have. It’s a pretty prominent corner … with the park across the river. It’s a great corner lot, close to downtown.”

All in, the cost for acquiring the space was $1.03 million.

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