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Columbus Now Has Outrageously Fast Internet

Columbus Now Has Outrageously Fast Internet

614now Staff

We can’t yet say goodbye to all the shitty internet that surrounds us and interrupts our binge watching, but we can say hello to AT&T’s new Columbus silver lining.

AT&T finally expanded their fiber footprint into our wonderful city, with a few locations already serviceable including New Albany, Dublin, Hilliard, parts of Columbus and surrounding communities, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Columbus’s new fiber internet available in those areas starts at around $90 for their highest tier of internet, and apparently you can download 25 songs in a second or a 90-minute movie in just 30 seconds.

What the heck is fiber internet? Well it’s like the essence of internet, in it’s purest, happiest form. Fiber internet travels through fiber optic cables installed in a building or home.

According to the Dispatch, this new option is 20 times faster than what is currently available in the region, which basically makes the internet magical. We’ve never seen speeds like this before, or any speed. More like a slow, grudging gurgle of internet.

Now how fast can we watch every season of Friends? That’s the real question here.



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