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Creepy Clowns are Threatening Grove City School

Creepy Clowns are Threatening Grove City School

614now Staff

We didn’t want to write about the creepy clowns for several reasons — clowns are mortifying, the fact that people are dressing up and scaring people on the streets is just plain dumb, and it wasn’t affecting the Columbus area very much except for just a few incidents.

But now, these bozos are threatening kids and teachers on social media, and that is not OK. According to 10tv, a group on Instagram called “Aint Clownin Around,” made a post that said they would be at high schools this Friday to “either kidnapp students or kill teachers going to they cars…”

We couldn’t find the instagram post online, but 10tv reported that there was a clown standing in front of Central Crossing High School in Grove City, and some parents were keeping their kids home.

That’s legitimately scary, and even though they’re teens, seeing a clown standing at the corner of your high school is pretty off putting.

Let’s hope these stupid clown people stop messing around (no I will not write that pun, I refuse.) and let Ohioans sleep with some sense of safety outside of clown nightmares.


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