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UPDATE: Powerball jackpot is even higher!

UPDATE: Powerball jackpot is even higher!

614now Staff

Update 01/12/16: Up again. Now it’s at $1.5 billion. Whoever hits this jackpot will enter the 1 percenter club and rule the world alongside Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey.

Update 01/11/16: Powerball jackpot hits $1.4 billion for the drawing on Wednesday.

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Update 01/10/16: Those lucky numbers still haven’t been picked and the Powerball is estimated to hit an insane $1.3 billion for Wednesday’s drawing. There were two million-dollar winners in Ohio, though. So, good for those people, eh?

The winner of the #Win614 contest will be announced on Monday.

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Update 01/09/16: The already record-setting Powerball jackpot is even higher, reaching to $900 million.

Don’t forget to enter the #Win614 contest before midnight. Just tell us via Twitter what you would do with $900 million in your pocket (minus the copious amount of taxes taken out, of course).

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If the guy in this video hits Powerball’s record-high prize, now estimated at $800 million, he said he will spend it on hookers and cocaine. That’s a pretty bold investment plan, but we think Columbus can do better.

Win big: #Win614

scratchlotteryHit up Twitter with how you would spend the record-high Powerball prize money using #Win614 and you could win $50 in scratch lottery tickets. That’s slightly less than $800 million, but you don’t need to be Rain Man to know your chances of winning are probably better than the 1 in 292.2 million odds that you’ll land the Powerball.

Winners will be selected by the 614 editorial staff. The contest ends midnight Jan. 9.


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