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New Year, New Comfort Zones

New Year, New Comfort Zones

Jeni Ruisch

Abig percentage of the resolutions we make every year have to do with getting in shape, and improving our overall wellness. But running on a treadmill is only slightly more attractive an activity than, say, waiting in line at the DMV. And meditation is a little out of my league until I learn to sit still for more than two minutes at a time. If you want to really challenge yourself to step outside your normal bubble, face your fears while finding balance. You’ll conquer your phobias AND the scale.


True REST Float Spa

You can achieve a state of buoyancy akin to floating on a cloud. The key is a pod filled with hyper-salinated water, heated to the temperature of your skin. Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy can help your mind find peace. If the absence of external stimuli doesn’t send you into an existential panic, you can close the lid of the pod while you’re inside and experience the sensation of floating in total darkness, if you wish. If you have a touch of the claustrophobia, like me, you can leave the pod open, and listen to some tunes while you float your troubles away.


Life Energy Yoga

Did you ever dream of becoming an acrobat? This exercise consists of poses done with a partner. You can make human pyramids, or even learn to stand on each other’s shoulders, or contort yourselves into knots of fun. This seems like it could be great couples therapy for those that want to build confidence in a relationship and start a hobby together. This is a great way to get fit, and have a couple party tricks up your sleeve for the next family dinner. Might wanna start with some trust falls to get the ball rolling.


Infinity Aerial

Raise your skills to the roof with aerial silks, the skill made popular by Cirque Du Soleil and performing artist P!nk. A long swath of fabric pours down from ceiling supports, and the performer uses friction and strength to support themselves in poses among the waterfall of silk. If peering over ledges make your tummy drop, this is a great way to face and conquer your fear of falling, while strengthening your arms and your core, and looking damn cool in the process.


Columbus Scuba

The depths of the ocean hold more mysteries than the surface of the moon. Brave men and women strap Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus to their backs every day the world over, and dive into the unknown. If the idea of swimming into the abyss sends shivers down your spine, you can get your start in a swimming pool in Westerville. Columbus SCUBA has introductory classes that teach new students about buoyancy and the technical aspects of equipment in a safe, shallow environment with crystal clear water. Being submerged in water provides resistance in every direction, so a workout is achieved simply by moving along as you learn your new skills. You can work your way up to the open water dives in a quarry, where you can meet your first scaly ambassadors to the animal kingdom, before moving on to shaking fins with their toothier cousins.


The Buckeye Bounce Club

If you thank your lucky stars for gravity, and the hard ground under your feet, maybe it’s time to shake yourself free of the terra for a few ticks. The Buckeye Bounce Club is a gym where the workouts are done on wall-to-wall trampolines, or rather, ceiling-to-ceiling, as the walls themselves are bounceable, just like the floors. You can learn to enjoy your slight loss of control as you hurtle through the air, knowing that on the other side will be an elastic safety net, or a five-foot-deep pit filled with foam blocks. The resistance will help strengthen your muscles, and the long leaps and backflips will help you step outside of your non-bouncy comfort zone.


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