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The Interview Issue 2017

The Interview Issue 2017


10 People.

10 Interviews.

10 Unique stories.

These are not one-sided conversations, but rather a paired-off exchange—two people, journalist and subject, sharing a special moment in time in front of a recorder.

That, coupled with a hand-picked local photographer to capture their image, offers those rare instances that we can peek into the lives of the extraordinary—the individuals who have motivated, created, and inspired—the folks who bring us credence when we struggle ourselves. This special issue is meant to serve as a relic—an artifact of words documenting the thoughts and desires of the shakers and movers of our fair city.

Let us introduce you to Columbus’s most fascinating subjects. Welcome to the Interview Issue.

Norman Whiteside

Larry Smith

Matthew Heaggans

William Evans

Nichole Dunn

Greg Lehman

A.J. Vanderelli

Dr. Michael V. Drake

Amanda Patton

Coyote Peterson

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