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Drama is good: Live, local shows running this month

Drama is good: Live, local shows running this month

614now Staff

November, often seen as the middle child of the holiday seasons, doesn’t always get the love it deserves. However,Columbus theater companies, Shadowbox Live, Palace Theater and others have found a way to highlight the forgotten child. November is now showtime month in the Capital City and here are a few of the feature presentations.

“The Rocking Dead”
Run Time: Aug. 31- Nov. 11th
Playing at: Shadowbox Live

A combination of sketch shows and rock n’ roll, what could go wrong?

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Circle of Blood”
Run Time: Spet. 29- Nov. 12
Playing at: Shadowbox Live

Fall into the futuristic world of deadly assassin Kabuki, who is on a journey of vengeance against the Japanese government.

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“Shaping Sound: After the Curtain”
Run Time: Nov. 4
Playing at: Palace Theater

The story follows a man who struggles to find his creative voice after the death of his lover, through dance and next-level visuals.

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“Two Girls One Piece”
Run Time: Nov. 10
Playing at: 400 West Rich Street

A collection of visual works including 3-D art, videos and performances with proceeds that go to Women Have Options Ohio.

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