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Local artist morphs children into little Halloween monsters

Local artist morphs children into little Halloween monsters

614now Staff
[su_testimonial]Lynn Hetherington Becker [/su_testimonial]

I am a body painter located here in Columbus. My body art started with face painting and transitioned into full-body art and henna. I still love coming up with unique and interesting face painting designs and I get a kick out of turning small children into creepy creations.


Halloween is a huge month for me professionally and it’s a time when I really get to do a lot of fun designs and events and go all out with my creativity. I have painted 2 and 3-year-olds into hags, zombies, and monsters. This year I painted my son into a ventriloquist dummy and a woman into a broken doll- complete with a painted lace collar. Ive painted my daughter into a 2d work of art that portrays her as an actual painting. I’ve done sugar skulls, skeletons and animals- the sky is the limit at Halloween! 

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