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Look for the Local: Meet Aashley Morgan

Look for the Local: Meet Aashley Morgan

Laura Dachenbach

Marysville isn’t just about 4-H and lawn fertilizer. In case you didn’t know (and many people don’t), Marysville Schools also take great pride in their show choir and theater program, and have even more reason to do so now that one of their own, Aashley Morgan, is appearing among the ensemble members of Beautiful—The Carole King Musical. Morgan plays seven different characters and understudies the role of Cynthia Weil.

Morgan won “Gimme The Mike, Columbus” (Columbus’s answer to American Idol) during her senior year of high school and as a result, wound up taking a new car, rather than a music contract, to college in Nashville, Tennessee, where she studied Commercial Music and Music Business at Belmont College. However, she found success working as a singer/songwriter, including the opportunity to sing and record at the Grand Ole Opry. She picked up additional gigs and eventually found herself doing cruise ship entertainment for two years.

“That’s kind of where I redeveloped my love for live theater—for performing live. I realized that’s where my heart and my desire was leading me,” said Morgan. “[Beautiful] is truly a dream come true because it really is a melding of both of my worlds—the commercial world and the theater world.”

During the Columbus stop, Morgan is looking forward to reuniting with reuniting with her Marysville family, high school friends, and the show choir directors who first polished her musical skills.

“It’s much more fun to go out on stage knowing that I have people that I love and that support me out in the audience,” she said.

While excited to be on tour, Morgan yearns, like any good Midwesterner, for a place to call home.

“The end goal is to be doing a show like this, but on Broadway where I can go home to my apartment every night. And be with my cat.”

Beautiful will run from June 6 – 11 at the Ohio Theatre. For more, visit


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