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MadLab Has Had Some Sketchy Sex

MadLab Has Had Some Sketchy Sex

614now Staff

Kyle Mason, Anna Leeper, Stephen Woosley, Becky Horseman, and Cat McAlpine promoting the MadLab Theatre production of “Sketchy Sex” Photo Credit: Michelle Hanson

MadLab Has Had Some Sketchy Sex

By Colleen Dunne, Publicity Coordinator, MadLab Theatre

They say you should write what you know, and so — we at MadLab wrote a show called “Sketchy Sex”. In our defense, the ‘sketchy’ part comes from the sketch comedy show format, not from the quality. Of the show, or the sex. I mean — it was pretty good for us, how was it for you?

Some courageous members of our troupe anonymously contributed embarrassing, informative, and cringe-worthy stories of their own sexual histories, which I have compiled here for your amusement and which inspired sketches for everyone’s amusement running March 9th-25th.

The most educational section of my survey was the part where I asked for stories of awkward sexual encounters. One involved a girl biting off part of her tongue

We have gotten it on in some weird places. Well, not that weird. A lake, a swimming pool, a Metro Park, a horse trailer, these are all fairly expected from anyone who’s semi-adventurous and lives in Ohio, right? What about your girlfriend’s childhood bedroom, in all it’s 80’s splendor? Or on the stage at an outdoor music festival? Too tame? How about in a car parked behind a strip club? I don’t know the rest of the story, but I think we can all fill in the blanks… Someone (cooler than me) has done it at an airfield, and had a pilot flash the airplane lights at them. *Jealous*

We’ve gotten a little kinky. We get even kinkier in the show, whether that helps or hurts our chances of getting you to see it. We’ve tried dressing up as superheroes, playing with bondage, trying some toys that have asked to remain nameless, but you can find for a very reasonable price at the Chamber on High Street (they didn’t even ask us for that referral – we’re just familiar with their quality products), even dabbling with cold medicine. That one didn’t turn out so well. Turns out putting yourselves to sleep prior to hanky-panky benefits no one. We’ve done role plays, three-ways, and going at it all ways. We recommend food play – popsicles and chocolate frosting in particular, though not together.

The most educational section of my survey was the part where I asked for stories of awkward sexual encounters. One involved a girl biting off part of her tongue – did we all just collectively shudder? One of our number accidentally traded sex for money, but felt like a winner walking away with a $50 Visa gift card. Several people got walked in on – mostly at college parties, so they shouldn’t have been all that surprised. One person claimed all encounters were awkward until the age of 22, when they all became sketchy.

There was a long story about phone sex involving the description of Godzilla’s tail (again, letting you fill in the rest of that story). One couple was getting ready to go at it in a backyard, when a prostitute and her pimp became in engaged in a shouting match on the other side of the fence, causing our nude heroes to flee for the safety of the house. Being an anonymous survey, I cannot be sure which of our Sketchy Sex participants contributed these admissions, but they make me feel a lot better about my own awkward encounters!

If you would like to witness our awkward, passionate, uncomfortable, sexy sketches yourself, check out Sketchy Sex at MadLab, located at 227 N. 3rd Street in Downtown Columbus. The show runs March 9-11, 17-18, and 24-25, all shows at 8pm. Tickets are $15 general admission, $13 for students and seniors, and $10 for MadLab members.

For more information on the show, memberships, or ticket purchases go to


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