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Sound Off: Alt bands sparring at the Arts Fest

Sound Off: Alt bands sparring at the Arts Fest

614now Staff

As you may have heard, the C-bus Arts Fest is happening this weekend. Big things are planned for the Westbank Music Stage including performances from two local collectives. Andy Shaw Band and Zoo Trippin’ will be playing back-to-back. While both alternative, they each have their very own, distinct sound.

First up 8 p.m., Andy Shaw Band will lure the crowd into a reggae coma with raspy vocals and smooth horns.

Then, 9.m., Zoo Trippin’ will take the stage and turn the volume up to 11. Think Jet + a dozen Five Hour Energy shots.

Do you prefer the subtle jams of Andy Shaw Band or in-your-face alt rock from Zoo Trippin’? Allow your ears to be the judge; here are their two most popular Spotify tunes.


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