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Splitting Image

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Megan Leigh Barnard, as photographer and co-founder of Creative Babes, sees the beauty in other women—and in her fellow photographer.

Which is probably why she and Autumn Theodore weren’t afraid to enlist the help of Allie Lehman for Ten by Three, wherein each Columbus artist would shoot the same women in their own styles.

Building on her Intimate Home Series, Barnard focused on the raw beauty people exhibit in their homes when they’re most like themselves. Lehman’s painterly-like portraits bring out the mystery in the person, offering a dark soulful look. And Theodore kept building on lights and colors and technique, giving both an edgy and fun side to her subjects.

“It was an exploration of our own creativity—how versatile creativity really is, how each human has many beautiful sides, and how working together is way more empowering and powerful than being divided,” Barnard said. “The photos in our show, if shown separately, wouldn’t have nearly as much impact as they do side-by-side. That’s how we want to be as creatives, as women, as Creative Babes, as humans—side-by-side.”

Not only has Ten by Three given us the pleasure of printing some of the show (see following page), but they are offering the portrait series to YOU, one day only. “You by Three” will be held Saturday, September 30 from 4 – 8 p.m. at The Wonder Jam.

Below, see images from the original show:


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