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Chris Holtmann addresses salty Butler fans about his switch to OSU

Chris Holtmann addresses salty Butler fans about his switch to OSU

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On June 22, a writer from wrote a disgruntled article about Chris Holtmann leaving Butler for Ohio State. The writer, Jared Grubbs, attempted to incapsulate the feelings of all Butler basketball fans who felt betrayed by Holtmann jumping the Bulldog ship.

“Despite everything he’s done for Butler, which includes revitalizing a program that was on the brink of spiraling out of control, Holtmann won’t carry the fans blessing over to Ohio State,” Grubbs wrote.

Grubbs went on to condemn Holtmann’s action of sending a tweet indicating he’d be staying at Butler, only to turn around and commit to the Buckeyes.

This is the tweet Grubbs is referring to:

The article wound up in Holtmann’s inbox. The new OSU basketball coach felt he was misrepresented and wanted to clear the air about his leaving.

He contacted Grubb and the two conducted a detailed Q&A which was then published on

Holtmann took that opportunity to apologize for sending the tweet prematurely. He said after receiving the offer from OSU, he decided to stay with Butler but after a good night’s sleep, he changed his mind.

Holtmann closed the interview with this quote:

“I’ve always struggled with the idea that in a higher profile position it is impossible to please everyone. I understand that some people will have their thoughts and opinions and nothing I say will change it. I’ve come to grips with that fact. And while I had second thoughts and debated a bit with Jared on even allowing these answers to be put out there, I think it’s ultimately the right thing. When you coach at Butler, relationships run deep. These last three years taught me that. Our family will always be incredibly grateful for the support of so many.”

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