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Siri throws shade at Ohio State football, see for yourself

Siri throws shade at Ohio State football, see for yourself

614now Staff

Siri is acting a lot like one of those petty girlfriends who keeps¬†poking at old wounds. All we wanted to know was when Michael Jordan, one of the most famous basketball players of all time, retired. But Siri’s only concern is reminding us of the Ohio State Buckeyes devastating loss against Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl.

As Ohio State fans, we know we can be a bit obnoxious, some may even consider us abrasive, but why do you have to smear this in our faces, huh? What’d we ever do to you? And the fact that she switches up her verbiage– “pummeled,” “soundly defeated,” “crushed”– is just plain malicious. Twist the knife in our guts why don’t you!

The only reasonable explanation for the heckling is that during the Fiesta Bowl, a Clemson player named Michael Jordan was injured and had to exit the game early. It also has to do with your phone’s location (answers in another city may vary).

Of course we’d be wondering about a collegiate athlete’s career as opposed to that of an NBA and Space Jam legend *eyeroll*.

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