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#1 Halloween candy in Ohio really blows

#1 Halloween candy in Ohio really blows

614now Staff

Edging out last year’s top candy of M&M’s, Blow Pops has claimed Ohio’s 1st place Halloween Candy podium. According to findings from, over the last 10 years (2007-2016), the top selling candy has shifted from the tiny, color-coated chocolate pucks to the gum-filled suckers.

We must really like Blow Pops because we’ve purchased more than 150,000 pounds of them!

Talk about blowing your money and tooth enamel away..

We think we can all agree Blow Pops have nothing on the grand pappy of Halloween candy—Snickers—but at least we’re not Montana where the best selling candy loses its flavor in .5 seconds (that would be Double Bubble for those who didn’t have a childhood).

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited to better suit the liking of our audience. The word “boughten” has been swapped for “purchased.” However, the initial word choice was also correct, see Merriam-Webster’s explanation“We say ‘I will buy some cookies soon,’ and later ‘I have bought the cookies.’ But boughten is also used by some: ‘I have boughten the cookies.’


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