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BBQ Beasts: Get saucey game face on this weekend

BBQ Beasts: Get saucey game face on this weekend

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The sun will be out this weekend which means the grills will be fired up at full force. If you’re craving BBQ, it’s probably best you hang up the apron and leave it to the professionals.

Here are the barbecue masters who go to bed smelling like sweet, smokey meat each and every night—These are the places to get real BBQ.

B&K Smokehouse

1114 E MAIN ST.

This Olde Towne East eatery is easily a drive-by, but it should be a destination. There are only a handful of tables but a whole lot of love from the owner. The brisket is excellent and unexpected, cut more like a perfect pot roast than simply sliced. And the rumors are true: turkey ribs are a real thing—succulent and tender smoked shoulder meat to be precise. They’re like a Thanksgiving surprise all year round.

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Barrel & Boar


The old Holy Smoke at the edge of Gahanna and New Albany offers a radical reinvention of the former brand. If upscale barbecue is a trend, this is what it looks like. And if a barbecue brunch is on your bucket list, this is the place. Why not put brisket in an omelet with sharp cheddar, or offer pulled pork, candied bacon, and spicy syrup sausage grits? Add a curated collection of craft beer that will satisfy the harshest barbecue and beer snobs alike and it’s a dinner winner as well.

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Smoked on High

755 South High Street

Owner  Max McGarity got a Kickstarter rolling a little over a year ago to help fund the project. His goal of 10,000 was overshot by 4k. Damn, people really want BBQ in the Brewery District. Smoked on High is McGarity’s first dine-in venture. Prior to this, McGarity operated Buckeye Back Ribs food truck. Though the vessels are different, the food will be just the same.

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Legacy Smokehouse

1102 South High Street

Just down the road from Smoked on High, Legacy Smokehouse has popped up a temporary restaurant in the forgotten-about Long John Silver’s parking lot. They specialize in Texas-style BBQ and classic sides like mac & cheese, cole slaw, and bread pudding.

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