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BrewDog is blowing shit up, literally

BrewDog is blowing shit up, literally

614now Staff

Rather than donning some shovels and hard hats (which are almost never necessary), BrewDog donned a detonator to break ground on their new hotel.

The DogHouse is the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel and every backer in attendance yesterday was thanked with a complimentary can of Punk IPA.

According to BrewDog USA CEO pre, Tanisha Robinson:

“We blow shit up’ is my favorite part of BrewDog’s charter; it’s a directive for us to constantly challenge ourselves in how we think about our business. But in this case, it only made sense to take it literally. The DogHouse is already a hotel and sour beer facility like no-other thanks to our Indiegogo backers and Equity Punks, so it deserved an explosive start to construction. We’re super excited for it to launch it in 2018.”

If you can believe it, the new hotel will feature a craft beer spa, a Punk IPA tap in every room, and a beer fridge in every shower, reports If you’re a swanky SOB and spring for a luxury sweet, you’ll be treated to a hot tub full of Punk IPA.

The DogHouse is slated to be completed summer of 2018.



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