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Chipotle delivers what we’ve been drooling for

Chipotle delivers what we’ve been drooling for

614now Staff

We all asked for it and Chipotle finally came through–with a big boiling pot of cheese. Today, Chipotle’s queso rolled out nationwide. Here’s what they had to say about it on their website,

“Our Genuine Queso is not only drizzling in a Chipotle near you, it’s also preservative* free, without added colors or flavors, and made with all-real, all-delicious ingredients. Boom.”

Chipotle claims they took so long to give us this product because they were busy finding the perfect recipe. Here’s what they came up with:

It’s definitely not top secret but is it delectable? Is it worth the 770- 1270 calories and $3.45- $5.25 (small vs large size)?

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