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Elevator Brewing moving on up with new Brewmaster

Elevator Brewing moving on up with new Brewmaster

614now Staff

Elevator Brewing Company introduced their new brewing king, Dough Beedy. With over 20 years of experience, Beedy will oversee brewing operations, production, and have complete creative control over Elevator’s beer. They assure change is in the air..

Full disclosure; Beedy is from the state up north, but he is an Ohio State fan. He was trained as a brewer at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Michigan, is a member of the Brewer’s Association, and a Certified BJCP Beer Judge. 

If you see Beedy out and about, most likely, he’s sipping on Belgians and Farmhouse style beers. Coincidently, those are also his favorite brews to produce. Beedy is scheming a plan to start serving cask-conditioned ales at the 13th Floor Taproom on July 20th.

Give him a big hug and thank him for his beautiful contributions to the city at the Meet the Brewer event on July 29 at the 13th Floor Taproom.



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