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Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza turns five, owner talks shop

Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza turns five, owner talks shop

614now Staff

When a local business reaches a milestone, it’s cause for city-wide celebration as every single one of you is to thank for its success. And that’s exactly what the owner of Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza wants to say to you.

Endearingly naming his pizza-making venue after his daughter and partner, Charlie Jackson has been doing Natalie’s Coal-fired Pizza and Live Music for five years. He handles the music side of the biz while his daughter runs the restaurant aspect.

It’s a well-oiled machined, too.

In those five years, the father-daughter duo has won over the hearts of music fans and pizza-lovers alike with live music six nights a week and New York-inspired pizza pies straight out of the wood stove. Here’s what Jackson had to say about his musically inclined pizza baby…

614NOW: Why did you decide to open this business in Columbus? How does it fit in the landscape?

Jackson: “We opening in Columbus because we love this city, and were pretty familiar with the neighborhoods.”

614NOW: Why do people keep coming back?

Jackson: “We like to think it’s because of the great food and music, along with a great vibe, and wonderful staff!”

614NOW: Why is the combination of pizza and live music such a good one?

Jackson: “It’s simple, easy to eat, and who doesn’t love great pizza and great music?”

614NOW: Any plans working in the near future?

Jackson: “We recently opened a new speakeasy bar, The Light of Seven Matchsticks, in the lower level of Natalie’s. We’re very proud of it, and look forward to having many special events there as well as at Natalie’s.”

614NOW: What would you like to say to Columbus for supporting Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza and Live Music for five years?

Jackson: ” It’s been our honor and privilege to serve you, and we hope to continue for many years to come!”

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