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Pucker up, first sour brewery is up and running

Pucker up, first sour brewery is up and running

614now Staff

Some may say Columbus is overrun with craft breweries however what we lack is a sour beer symposium—until now.

Pretentious Barrel House is the exclusive all-sour production facility and taproom in central Ohio (we see how they got their name). They are officially open for business at 745 Taylor Avenue.

They want to be very clear that they’re making sour beers on purpose.


Pretentious piggy-backs off of Four String’s massive brewhouse by contracting out space to produce wort. They then bring it back to Pretentious to ferment and barrel it. Customers can currently wrap their lips around the many variations of the Truculent sour.

Check them out Thursday from 4 to 9pm, Friday from 4 to 10pm, Saturday from 11am to 10pm, and Sunday from 2 to 8pm to discover your favorite flavor.



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