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Screw up your own tacos at home with Condado catering

Screw up your own tacos at home with Condado catering

614now Staff

Chorizo? Yes. Chicken? Yeah. Mango salsa? Yup. Queso? Uh-huh. Jicama Cabbage Slaw? Please. Guac? Duh. Pulled pork? Of course. Tofu? You bet.

All in one soft shell? Hell yeah!

Okay yeah, building your own tacos at Condado Taqueria is great but combining all the options will get you the same results as blending all the paint colors: a weird brown mess.

The good news is now that Condado has launched catering, you can screw up your tacos from the comfort of your own home!

They’re offering completely customizable catering services to groups of anywhere from 15-200 people.

Condado will set you up with a variety of house-made proteins and a whole spread of made-from-scratch sauces and toppings. Hell, they’ll even bring you their house-made chips, salsas, and guac!

You can book Condado catering at but just make sure to have one of your guests build your tacos. We love the enthusiasm but what you make is just plain disgusting. 


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