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Update: Delivery-only kitchen hates sogginess, loves fast freshness

Update: Delivery-only kitchen hates sogginess, loves fast freshness

614now Staff

Update: ClusterTruck has run into a snag with their construction and will most likely delay the grand opening a couple of weeks. Look for the delivery-only kitchen to open around September 7. Chow down, Columbus.

08/07/2017 10:37am- The delivery-only kitchen slated for downtown Columbus is on the cusp of rushing you your hot, fresh, delivery fee-free eats. ClusterTruck will open its third location on August 24 at 342 E Long St.¬†near CCAD. The kitchen (not truck despite the brand’s name) will offer a menu ranging from baked mac and cheese to Pad Thai to biscuits and gravy to Graeter’s Ice Cream.

What sets ClusterTruck apart from say.. UberEats is the fact that the delivery drivers aren’t running all around town to different restaurants to pick up your food that’s been sitting under a heat lamp for 20 minutes. All ClusterTruck food is prepared right in the central kitchen.

Orders do not start being prepared until a driver is secured. That way, as soon as the bell rings and an order is up in the window, a driver is standing by to grab it, buckle it safely in the passengers seat, and have it to the customer before it’s cold and soggy.

Two more best practices of ClusterTruck; customers can expect their food about 22 minutes after placing an order and there are no delivery fees. Customers are asked to meet their delivery driver–traveling either by bike or car–on the sidewalk to waive the fee. They deliver to all establishments in the service area (tbd for Columbus though the company’s spokesperson told The Dispatch that the zone is tight).

ClusterTruck loves you and all but they don’t want to hang out with you too long. Carryout and dine-in options aren’t available.

Help ClusterTruck fine-tune their Cbus operation while reaping some person benefits by being a beta tester. Apply here.




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