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White Castle brags new uniforms, disses Golden Arches

White Castle brags new uniforms, disses Golden Arches

614now Staff

“Being original means taking risks and doing what you believe in, and that’s what our relationship is all about.”

To give you some context, this quote is courtesy of TELFAR, the NYC-based unisex fashion label and is referencing their new partnership with White Castle.

You may think the fast food chain based in Columbus is doing a complete brand overhaul or rolling out fashionable bibs to mow down on greasy sliders…

But you’d be wrong.

White Castle and TELFAR announced new uniforms for the Porcelain Palace employees.

“The design combines the appearance of a collared shirt with the unparalleled comfort of a t-shirt,” said White Castle in a press release. “The design is bold yet classic and features White Castle’s royal blue hue with yellow contrast stitching and is emblazoned with the brand’s timeless logo and typography based on styles of the early 1900’s.”

AKA, the new uniforms are blue collared t-shirts.

Comfort? Yep, they got it. Overreaction? Mmm, maybe.

See for yourself:

White Castle also took this opportunity to include in their media release a quote from AdWeek that takes a jab at their red-nosed competitor.

“Other fast feeders making uniform adjustments include McDonald’s, which tapped Waraire Boswell to dress its employees in utilitarian shades of gray (reflecting, perhaps, the sad state of their psyches as they supersize meals throughout the day).”



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