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Who the Hell has the Best Chili in Columbus?

Who the Hell has the Best Chili in Columbus?

614now Staff

Today is garbage — it’s cold and about to snow and it has put a singular thought into my brain. Where the hell can I get the #best bowl of chili in the city? Chili is a ubiquitous love — an amalgamation of all things good but with such a food open to interpretation there comes a ton of baggage, specifically — what makes a good bowl of Chili?

Doing some #journalism — I found a somewhat “comprehensive” list that is…lacking to say the least from Foursquare, where it lists the Top Chili Places in the Area and they are:

  1. Skyline
  2. Skyline
  3. Da Levee
  4. Starliner Diner
  5. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
  6. Culver’s
  7. High Beck Corner Tavern
  8. Local Cantina
  9. Ohio Verde Cafe
  10. Club 185
  11. Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace
  12. Tyler’s Pizzeria & Bakery
  13. Si Señor!
  14. Roosters
  15. Loops

This list is egregious, if only for the fact that two different Skyline Chili’s take the top spot in a city that touts itself as a food city. Skyline isn’t even Columbus based, it’s that Nasty ‘Natti chili where they use chocolate to mask the taste of total despair.

I ask Columbus one simple thing, one easy to answer thing — Who the hell has the best Chili in the City? Tell me, rant and rave to me because I’m on the lookout.

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Also, sound off in the comments what makes a good chili? Is it the beans? Is it the meat? Is it the flavorful soup that constitutes and binds it all together?

Let us know, don’t be afraid to spill the beans and if you’ve got an award winner on the down low tell us! Everyone who comments will be entered to win a $25 Marathon Gas Gift Card — you know, so you can drive and pick up some Chili.




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