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Day Without Immigrants: Protestors March on Ohio Statehouse

Day Without Immigrants: Protestors March on Ohio Statehouse

614now Staff

A protest that swelled to a few hundred people marched on the Ohio Statehouse in honor of Day Without Immigrants.

The crowd, mostly made of citizens originating from Latin America, protested unity and an end to systemic discrimination against the nation’s Latino population. Both adults and children stood up to speak – children voiced their fears of having their parents deported, and many adults spoke about continuing “to fight as (their) ancestors fought.”

Ohio is home to more than 480,000 immigrants, according to Partnership for a New Economy, and they also contribute $4.4 billion taxes, amassing a total of $15.6 billion in income.

The Day Without Immigrants was a national protest wherein U.S. immigrants left their businesses or refrained from coming into work to protest Trump’s immigration policies.

The protest was led mostly in Spanish, summarized in one centric thought, “El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido,” translated to “A village united can never be defeated.”

During the march protesters could also be heard shouting, “Si, se puede!” or “Yes, we can.” These two cries are common throughout Latin America, being used throughout history during times of turmoil and even sporting events.


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