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Where and how we live is perhaps as integral to our personalities as any other aspect of day-to-day life. That’s why we’ve introduced (614) Home – an annual guide to the best and brightest home designs in Central Ohio. It’s wall-to-wall content, big and small, elegant to simple.

  • Kitchen: hidden gems
  • Bath: pillars of creation
  • Condos: coast to coast style
  • Basement: fun spaces down below
  • Mobile: modern, tiny living
  • Cool accents and where to find them locally
  • Busting the myths behind home improvement shows
  • Transforming a garage to an at-home resort
  • Industrial revolution: storage spaces turned stunning
  • Powering up with solar

The reading experience is optimized for tablet devices. Turn your phone or tablet horizontally for the 2-page spread view or vertically for the single-page view.

Looking for a physical copy? Check out our snazzy map


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