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Credit card skimmer found in Dublin gas pump

Credit card skimmer found in Dublin gas pump

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Hopefully you haven’t gotten gas at the Marathon station on W Bridge Street in Dublin recently because a device that steals credit card information was just discovered there.

The gas station owner found the card skimmer at around 10:15 this morning at the Marathon at 215 W Bridge Street.

This is the first time that a skimmer has been found in Franklin County outside of Columbus to the knowledge of the Auditor’s office.

The Dispatch reports that around three years ago when skimmer criminal activity was at its peak, the Franklin County Auditors implemented biannual checks of gas pumps. The scanner discovered this morning was installed in a pump checked back in May 16. It was also inside a pump that had a seal that would indicate tampering.

To avoid getting your credit card info stolen, pull on the credit card slot of the gas pump each and every time you need to fill up.


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