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OSU strengthens security after recent terrorist attack

OSU strengthens security after recent terrorist attack

614now Staff

The Ohio State Department of Public Safety has released a report analyzing the November Knife attack at OSU. The attack, which injured more than a dozen people, is reported to have been inspired by ISIS propaganda. Ironically, the botched attack exposed flaws in OSU’s automated emergency alert system, and will help OSU become more secure in the future.

Some visitors to the campus did not receive the “Run, Hide, Fight” messages and the status of the alert was not updated quickly enough. Some first responders also didn’t immediately receive the all-clear.

The Ohio State University is studying the report, and plans to make changes to its automated crisis system on campus. The University aims to better alert students, faculty and visitors in the event of an emergency, and coordinate messages to make sure all first responders are updated immediately.

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