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10TV bravely asks, “What’s that smell?”

10TV bravely asks, “What’s that smell?”

614now Staff

Image taken from Junji Ito’s Gyo

Apparently it stinks. Not everywhere though (although that’s up for debate) — it primarily smells in Westerville and according to 10tv that is reason enough to investigate.

The mysterious stench has “dozens of people” choking through the day. Reportedly residents are having headaches and nausea, and it particularly spikes when the Scioto Materials start production of asphalt. Yup! Industrial odors.

The personal accounts of living in Westerville during asphalt production range from, “I won’t let my kids out” to “My lungs are burning.” According to the 10tv report.

And almost everyone 10TV interviewed regrets living in Westerville.

Meanwhile the Ohio EPA, using science — is saying that there is no trace of a strong odor and in true-to-form Kafka-esque bureaucratic hilarity they wrote “In absence of a strong odor, we don’t have what constitutes a nuisance.”

10tv, not one to give up — drove around Westerville trying to smell the mysterious stench.

“On one occasion, after smelling apparent asphalt odors for a half-hour, this reporter began feeling a slight headache. That is consistent with what neighbors said they experienced after breathing in the asphalt odors for more than a few minutes.” 10tv wrote in their account.

Do you live in Westerville and do you smell something strange? Let us know in the comments.


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