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Dogs here, get your discounted dogs here

Dogs here, get your discounted dogs here

614now Staff

The Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center inn is nearly full. Though having as many dogs as physically possible sounds like a dream to some, the shelter needs your help to take a few pups off their hands.

For the next four days only, the dog shelter is waiving the typical $123 adoption fee for all pooches older than 7 months. Hand the folks at the shelter a $20 bill and they’ll give you $2 back plus a bundle of furry joy that just may get you out of the trench you call your life.

Wouldn’t a companion by your side–no matter how funky you smell or how bad your jokes are–be nice?

They’ve got big dogs, little dogs, hyper dogs, chill dogs, and maybe your [future] dog.



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