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Have you encountered the 10 worst intersections in Cbus?

Have you encountered the 10 worst intersections in Cbus?

614now Staff

MORPC heard all your driving woes and decided to back your complaints up with data.

They looked at all the intersections in Columbus and considered number of crashes, traffic volumes, and severities between 2014 and 2016 and put all the worst ones into a neat little list.

So here they are; the 10 worst intersections in central Ohio:

  • E Livingston Avenue @ Hamilton Road/SR 317
  • Broad Street/SR 16 @ James Road
  • Cleveland Avenue @ Innis Road
  • Karl Road @ Morse Road
  • Broad Street/SR 16 @ Lancaster Avenue/Reynoldsburg New Albany Road
  • Cleveland Avenue @ Dublin Granville Road/SR 161
  • E Dublin Granville Road/SR 161 @ Karl Road
  • Morse Road @ Westerville Road/SR 3
  • E Livingston Avenue/US 33 @ Alum Creek Drive
  • Cleveland Avenue/SR 3 @ E Hudson Street

The worst intersection is at E Livingston Ave and Hamilton Road/SR 317 where 180 crashes were reported in the three year span.

Do you agree with this list or do you know of a hellish intersection that makes all these look like walks in the park? 

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