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Here’s why you should “like” every baby photo on FB

Here’s why you should “like” every baby photo on FB

614now Staff

Study says if your Facebook friends don’t validate the cuteness of your baby, you could become depressed.

ABC6 recently spoke with OSU Human Sciences Professor, Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, who said new mothers–especially ones who identify as perfectionists–are very vulnerable when it comes to sharing their baby’s milestones on Facebook.

Of course new moms are proud and want to show off the tiny human they made but validation is key. These women new to motherhood are more sensitive to likes, shares, and comments on their baby posts.

Schoppe-Sullivan told ABC6 that mothers who spent more time on Facebook displayed more signs of depression.

So next time you see a person from your high school graduating class post a 32-month-old picture of their wonky baby (just kidding, all babies are beautiful in their own ways), just like it, okay?

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