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Opioid manufacturers push back against Ohio lawsuit

Opioid manufacturers push back against Ohio lawsuit

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Update: The five drug manufacturers that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is going after in a lawsuit is asking the judge to drop the case. DeWine filed the suit because he blames these manufacturers provided thousands and thousands of Ohioans opioids that lead to the addiction epidemic our state faces today.

One of the companies under fire, Purdue Pharma, want the case to be dismissed until the FDA can complete a thorough investigation of the benefits and risks of opioid medications, reports The Dispatch.

The company also claims the removal of these powerful pain meds could be a huge detriment to Ohioans suffering from chronic pain.

What do you think, is ending opioid prescriptions a wise way to curb the overdose crisis?

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05/31/2017 4:38pm- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is suing five drug-manufacturers for producing opioid pain medications that greatly contribute to the overdose epidemic in the state.

Thousands of people get hooked on opioid pain meds from these manufacturers which often leads them to use cheaper, more dangerous alternatives of heroin and synthetic opioids.

At least 4,149 Ohioans died from unintentional drug overdoses in 2016 which is 36 percent more than in 2015. That number increases with each passing day.

 DeWine believes these manufacturers are so malicious because they aggressively market their drugs and then don’t own up to the negative effects of opioid addiction.

The lawsuit was filed in Ross County where the drug pandemic is hitting harder than most other areas.

While most states go after drug distributors, Ohio and Mississippi honed in on the heart of the issue: drug manufacturers.

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