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Pill mill doctor dead in New Albany, who done it?

Pill mill doctor dead in New Albany, who done it?

614now Staff

A local pill mill doctor at Columbus Southern Medical Center on south High Street pleaded guilty to charges of drugs, fraud, and tax-evasion. Kevin Lake cooperated with authorities in order to have a skeleton-free closet once his prison sentence was up. But before Kevin could serve his time, he was fatally shot inside his New Albany home on the morning of June 22. He died the next day. He was 51 years old.

Who done it?

This case has been especially challenging for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies because there are a whole slew of suspects. Anyone in the business of illegally prescribed addictive, painkilling drugs would have an angry mob chasing them. Plus, individual(s) began sending threats to the Lake home when Kevin began cooperating with officers once arrested. The Dispatch reports that he even received a photo of him asleep in his home.

Was it a former patient blaming Kevin for their newly formed addiction? Was it a dirty colleague worried that Kevin would testify against them as part of his plea deal?

The investigation continues.

Read more about the case at The Dispatch.


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