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Racist Stalks Indian Immigrants in Columbus Park

Racist Stalks Indian Immigrants in Columbus Park

614now Staff

Columbus has made international news after a out-of-state racist recorded Indian Immigrants playing volleyball in a Columbus park.

In a chilling demonstration of abject racism — the video originally published to a site owned by Steve Pushor, a 66-year-old computer programmer from Virginia (according to Buzzfeed). In the video an unnamed male walks around the park lamenting the presence of Indian women, men and children asking repeatedly, “Where did all the people go? Where did all this money come from?”

The original facebook post from August of 2016 rambles incoherently about “RichAss Columbus” including a quote that addresses how absolutely bizarre his actions — “Relations between the Ohio natives and the new Indian natives in the community are cold. When walking in the park area, I could not even get an Indian to acknowledge my existence. It was like I did not exist as I cruised and walked by these individuals.”

The article from mentions that Pushor was the man behind the camera, but there is currently no prove to that claim

He describes the park as a “Mini Mumbai” and says that the Indian crowd has “ravished” the Midwest.

Unabashedly racist in tone — he originally posted an article with the video which describes India as a “hell hole” and again waxes poetic on the loss of “Norman Rockwell white people class.”

He also laments the presence of the American flag, and says, “we are not looking at people…” and that there is a “takeover” that isn’t “bad or good”.

The video has garnered more than 250,000 views since being uploaded and has sparked outrage across Indian communities as well as Reddit.



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