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You can hire someone for THAT?

You can hire someone for THAT?

614now Staff

As humans, there are things we bellyache about doing; cooking, cleaning, painting our nails, detailing our cars…These are all things we can pay someone to do. But there are many, many other generally unpleasant facets of life that are better when hired out. Here in Columbus, these are a few things you can actually pay someone to do for you…

Dog sitting during your wedding: A wedding is enough of a headache but throw a hungry, poop-filled, barking dog in the mix and you’ve got yourself a regular National Lampoon movie. But with Furball Fitness, your dog can be a part of your big day without you having to lift a finger. An employee will tend to your dog’s potty business, feedings, exercise, and even walk your pup down the isle if need be.


Organize your home: Do you even remember what color your carpet is? It’s time to reclaim your clutter but not by yourself–hell no. Leave it to the expert organizers at Accent on Organization. Gaining a lot of her experience from working at the Container Store (order levels: off the charts), Cathy is chomping at the bit to fight off the mess monster in your closet with her label maker.


Be your friend: It’s called Rent a Friend and it’s exactly what it sounds like. For as little as $10 an hour, you could hire a buddy to attend your second cousin’s third wedding, show you around a new town, learn a new skill, or simply….hang.



Answer your phone: When you just don’t have it in you to answer your heartbroken ex’s call, Specialty Answering Service has your back. Can’t produce an excuse as to why the report wasn’t on your boss’s desk at 4pm yesterday? Let the live answerer at SAS handle the heat. First two weeks free of charge.


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