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Hydrate Me vs Jameson: Can new IV bar cure hangovers?

Hydrate Me vs Jameson: Can new IV bar cure hangovers?

614now Staff

The Needle and the Damage (None)

By Mitch Hooper

Originally appeared in Stock & Barrel

Mitch Hooper, an intern for our sister publication Stock & Barrel, was on a mission to find out if Hydrate Me, the city’s newest IV bar, could stand up to a bottle full of Jameson.

You see, Hydrate Me is a lab-like service that can help you beat a cold, prep for for a 5K, and of course pound copious amounts of alcohol by pumping you full of an IV bag of fluids, vitamins, and other goodies.

Nurse practitioners administer the treatments— named everything from “Pre-party” to “Fat Burner” and “Post-competition.” Each bag is a blend of specific nutrient-rich fluids to get you where you need to be for whatever feat your tackling (coughcoughgamedaycough).

“A lot of research went into it,” said Scott Holowicki, co-owner of Hydrate Me. “We’re using vitamins and minerals and things that your body becomes deficient in … these are all things the body needs and uses everyday and most of us live in dehydration through the day. It’s likes putting the right mix of oil and gas in an engine. If it isn’t properly made, it won’t work. And our bodies are much like that as well.”

Hooper opted for the “Pre-party” elixir and following his treatment, really tied one on.

Mr. Hooper and Mr. Jameson gave Hydrate me a run for its money, find out how he fared the next morning over by clicking over to Stock & Barrel.



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