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New therapy technology allows patients to be artists

New therapy technology allows patients to be artists

614now Staff

New home health care technology created at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center combines therapy and art to give patients a one-of-a-kind experience. 

The technology is by Revoko and is called Agile Art. It’s being used exclusively at Interim HeathCare of Columbus. It works using motion sensors strapped to a physical or occupational thereapy client’s head, chest, or limbs. During their therapy, their range of motion is measured and transformed into graphic artwork.

“Many times, when clients are in rehab they are hesitant about moving certain muscles out of fear,” said Alex Purtell, the head of growth and marketing for Rekovo. “Agile Art distracts and engages clients, eliminating these concerns.”

Once a session has ended, the artwork they’ve created via their movements can be printed so patients can have something to be proud of after all their hard work. This new collaboration is intended for individuals recovering from strokes, brain or spine injuries, broken bones or surgical procedures, as well as those who need balance therapy.

If this venture is successful in Columbus, it will be introduced nationwide to all in-home physical therapy patients.

Here are a few examples of the artwork:


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